The Longest Month

It is tempting, in this season of waiting, to rush ahead, to bury myself in seed catalogues and dreams of summer’s warmth and days spent hiking. Or, you know, a time when snow and freezing rain doesn’t restrict my daily bike commute.

Bellingham has been especially wintry this year, and while February always tends toward the ennui of pent-up energies, it has been particularly hard this year to remind myself that the waiting is important.

Time to plan, time to renew, time to lay the groundwork for a better future, whether in the garden or in our world.

Time, too, to savor the beauty of a quieter season.

And if you’re ready to give in to the garden planning impulse, I heartily recommend GrowJourney. They offer a seeds-of-the-month plan, with seeds customized for your region and garden size. In addition to the seed subscription, their website has a wealth of information for gardeners of all experience levels.

Perfect for whiling away a snowy afternoon, dreaming of all manner of vegetal extravagance.


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