From seed to table

My efforts at growing things from seed have met with modest success this season. More often than not, the seeds I planted turned into the things they were supposed to be: tomatoes, tomatillos, arugula, zucchini, amaranth, bok choy, corn, onions, cucumbers, broccoli. And kale, of course, which is so happy in our garden that it freely reseeds itself.

Finding suitable places for these things and accommodating their growth habits and sunlight requirements in my smallish garden, well, that’s a task for coming years.

Other things I’d like to improve upon in upcoming growing seasons: succession planting, vertical growing, and cold-weather gardening. Although winter offers the perfect time to mull changes that will, inevitably, require strategy and energy, I’m planning to install row covers for many of the greens I’ve currently got growing. Amid the busy rush of fall, that feels like a doable task, one which I will be grateful to have completed in the future.

Many of the seeds I use come from Grow Journey’s subscription plan. When I first signed up in August 2016, I thought it would be an interesting way to try new varieties of seeds that I might not encounter on my own. It has been that, for sure, but so much more.

The detailed information they offer with each seed type has been invaluable as I learn what works–or not–and why. More than that, though, everything they write, from seed guides to blog posts and equipment reviews, is done with an enthusiasm and accessibility that is infectious: suddenly, things like edible landscaping or backyard poultry are just things that normal people do.

And isn’t that something that the world needs more of?




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